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Pro FX are Clean Energy Council Accredited licensed installers with over 10 years solar system design and installation experience.   Pro FX has designed and installed over 5,000 residential solar systems, as well as completing many large scale commercial solar projects ranging from 30kW - 500kW.

Our solar experts can advise you on the best sized solar system for your home to help minimise your energy bills.  Our extensive experience also means that we can find solutions for even the most complex commercial designs and deliver clever, efficient solutions to meet any requirements. 

Most households power usage peak after the sun goes down and your solar system is no longer producing power. The evolution of green technologies mean we can now store power from the sun during the day and use it at night.  Not only will batteries assist in reducing your bills, they will also allow you to back up essential services in your home during a power outage. 


Pro FX are experts in battery storage design and installation and our accreditation expands to include leading brands such as Tesla and Sonnen. 

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